Top websites to learn to code in 2021
List of Top websites to learn to code in 2021

Technical Education is the dream of many, for instance, the ability to code is still eyed upon. Subsequently, recent times have tempted people to jump into the programming space. It allowed everyone to learn to code. The internet has plenty of resources to Learn to Code from, but let us show you the best websites to learn to program. Learning to code is now affordable and widespread. We’ve created the list of best websites to learn to code in 2021.

“Programming isn’t about what you know, it is about what can find out.”

Programming sounds exciting and in short, it is a gratifying experience. You can develop a project and put it out or work on new projects for clients.

It isn’t costly to learn to code anymore. There are hundreds of resources online offering free learning for users, certainly based on user experience, various resources, and research.

“Every student must know how to code.”

~ global leaders have beamed upon this statement. Programming can open many doors for you.

The platforms listed below are the best coding websites to learn from:

  1. Codeacademy
  3. HackerRank
  4. W3Schools
  6. Bento
  7. Codeasy
  8. Upskill
  9. MIT Open Source Ware
  10. BitDegree

01. Codeacademy

Codeacademy to Learn Coding
Codeacademy to Learn Coding

It is the first platform you need to visit as a beginner if you want to learn to code. Codeacademy offers various sessions you can opt in to learn to code.

Moreover, Codeacademy helps you learn Python, C++, Java, HTML, C#, Swift, CSS, Sass, SQL, Ruby, and various mark-up languages.

Firstly, its several stages offer a continuous experience and you can’t go to the next level until you complete tasks in the previous one. This makes it the best place to learn programming.

Secondly, you learn to code through various code snippets and also create your own. While learning a chapter, you cannot go to the next one without finishing the ongoing one. Moreover, the system on the platform creates progression and engagement to learn more.

Above all this practice method is tried and tested, making it the best place to practice coding skills.

All of you have to do, choose a language to code and get on the learning sessions. Until you produce the most effective results, do not quit.

02. to Learn Coding to Learn Coding

In contrast to others, is a non-profit that aims to empower youth and make coding mainstream. They certainly wish that every kid should know how to code. This ability should not be limited to a single section.

The purpose subsequently, makes one of the best sites to learn to code from.

The content is for K12 students, but it is well designed to suit a beginner of any age.

The coding method taught on this platform is different and uses a block system. The user can choose a code snippet to the editing interface and learn further about it. Their learning method gets them a place in the best places to learn to code.

Likewise, on many other platforms learning on is facilitated by quick tutorials. Moreover, they empower the user to build app, websites, and games.

Start from the 6-12 grade category and excel in the code language you pick.

03. HackerRank

HackerRank to Learn Coding
HackerRank to Learn Coding

This place is among the best places to learn to code in 2021. To clarify, HackerRank offers a wide variety of resources for every new developer.

Meanwhile, you start your learning through various tutorials, crash courses, and a 30-day challenge – to excel in code.

The platform has various coding languages so that users can invest their time wisely.

The place is not just for learners; it houses companies also. Firstly, you practice coding and secondly, you get to land a job too. Pursuing your learning on HackerRank can result in – you landing your dream job.

Subsequently, many companies conduct a variety of interviews on the websites. You can learn and complete various challenges on the way and increase your code skills on the website. Companies hire candidates on the website based on interview questions. And sorts them based on the results and outputs of the problems given.

04. W3Schools

W3Schools to Learn Coding
W3Schools to Learn Coding

What you read above is the name of the market’s most prominent web developer. W3Schools equips the learner with videos, tutorials, and quizzes in the process. They do not need to boost their presence in the best places to practice programming.

Their resources consist of everything from HTML, C+++ to Python web development. You can use the references given in your projects too.

The website has a significant function of Google Translation. It converts the instruction and learning process into anyone’s native language.

All you need to do is choose a language and embark on the learning process. It is an excellent aid to non-English speakers, as most of the resources on the internet are in English.

You can test your knowledge by doing quizzes.

05. to Learn Coding to Learn Coding

There are so many languages to learn, and to choose one from the lot is a difficult task. You can start by assessing which one has the highest potential. The content on this platform is voted to be one of the best places to learn to code. So need not worry and start learning. can solve this problem of choosing from a variety of content. features the best content voted by the developer community.

The courses on the platform are based on skill level, and there are some paid courses. You can use the filters and put them in the free course to access them.

Every course has recommendations and testimonials to help you decide.

06. Bento

Bento to Learn Coding
Bento to Learn Coding

This one is another free website source that curates free coding classes. Founder of Bento believes – “everyone should be able to learn to code, no matter the background.”

They make learning free and easy for any beginner to understand. Likewise, any beginner can start on this platform, and it should be the best place for beginners to learn to code.

Bento is among the best website to learn to code. Each programming language comes with different levels to choose from. You can start from a beginner or intermediate level and go to an expert level, mastering the programming language.

All of the major coding languages are available on the platform to learn. To aid in the learning process, the courses use GitHub and shell to navigate the command line.

07. Codeasy

Codeasy to Learn Coding
Codeasy to Learn Coding

This platform focuses to aid in C# learning. If C# is your motive, above all you need to check out Codeasy.

If you have tried learning from other websites and could not focus, Codeasy is the platform you need. The website subsequently makes you learn to code using an adventure story – a machine invasion destroying the world.

Likewise, the different chapters have C# fundamentals to help the learning have a fun approach. For a single problem, you can have an alternate solution. Use your creative side.

8. UpSkill

UpSkill to Learn Coding
UpSkill to Learn Coding

It is another one of the free platforms to learn to code. The website hosts video lectures for beginners, and their easy-to-understand videos make conceptual learning easy.

UpSkill also offers pro memberships at meager costs, and you can opt for it for $19/month and learn about word press theme development.

Moreover, don’t worry if you do not like the content. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. The members are subsequently regularly adding the content to the website, making it up to date.

09. MIT Open Source Ware

MIT Open Source Ware to Learn Coding
MIT Open Source Ware to Learn Coding

This course is offered by MIT open source program. It gives access to undergraduate and graduate courses of the MIT curriculum. In short, you get an opportunity to learn the course of CS Program taught by MIT teachers.

The courses on based on different levels, and even if you are a beginner, you can start from the basics.

Learning materials on the Open source platform are in video lectures, online textbooks. However, there is a certain drawback of this open-source program – it does not offer any certification or degrees.

10. BitDegree

BitDegree to Learn Coding
BitDegree to Learn Coding

This one stands among the best places to practice coding. Subsequently offering courses on HTML, CSS, PHP, and jQuery languages, and are well equipped with assignments to support you.

Above all, the platform offers various classes on practical applications like game development.

That is to say, Bitdegree is in the top 5 places to learn to code. All you need is an email address, sign up and start your learning process.

Further, some of the courses come with certifications, which can help gain a job and approaching prospects – making it the best website for beginners to learn to code. While others offer an opportunity to code and work on your projects.



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