Gone are the days when you need a degree to become a successful coder. Those were the olden days. The times have changed and now everything is easy with the advent of online courses especially during the Covid period. If you are wondering about the top websites to learn coding in 2020, look no further.

1. CodeAcademy

If you are unsure as to where to start off and what to start off with, then I would highly recommend you to check out Codeacademy. In Codeacademy, you don’t have to download any sort of unwanted software or ssh shells. Everything is within your browser making it very convenient to learn coding. the website rewards you with badges as and when you progress through various levels. They have a good collection of programming languages ranging from HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby to Python. Codeacademy is known to teach in a vibrant way so you are definitely going to benefit from it in the long run.

The content on the platform is really good with a lot of positive feedback from various users. The website is known for constantly updating the content so that they can bring in the latest course materials to it’s users. There are three plans that you can choose from: free courses, Codeacademy Pro and Codeacademy Intense.

2. Udacity

Udacity is one of the most popular MOOC website. MOOC is Massive Open Online Courses. Anyone can sign up on the website and start learning. Udacity offers video tutorials combined with quizzes at each intervals. The tutorials are not extremely lengthy like you would see on many other websites, hence, it is an added advantage to not strike us with boredom. There is a final test at the end of the course which helps you get a downloadable certificate at the end of the course. The popular courses that are available to learn on udacity are Web Development, HTML5, Python, Java, etc.

3. Coursera

Coursera is yet another popular website that can come in handy for anyone who wishes to learn coding. You have to enroll in advance for the coding classes and classes are conduct few times in a month. They have a highly structured format and is strict when it comes to schedules and assignments giving it more of a college feel . Coursera has also partnered with a lot of prestigious universities around the globe, so the standard of certificates and the quality of classes is high. There are plenty of free courses to choose from too if getting a downloadable certificate is not in your priority list.

There are a lot of courses to choose from. The list is endless but here are few to give you an idea-Computer architecture, Programming languages, C++ for C programming, Algorithms, AI, and Cryptography. This makes Coursera a definite add on to our list of top websites to learn coding.


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