There are plenty of websites out there that helps you to earn some extra bucks. Do keep in mind that these extra bucks will only act as a support to your current stream of income. Though they don’t help you to live off on it entirely, they surely are a great add on. Here is a list of top websites to earn money in 2020.

1. Cracked

Cracked is an extremely popular humor site. They have a very strong reader base and gets about millions of visits per month. Cracked in known for publishing funny videos, listicles and even photos. They have a good payout if your content is accepted by them. The only criteria is that it should be funny and appealing. Also, they should not be repetitive. If you think you can churn up a solid humor piece, then you should definitely try sending them.

You can also send them videos and take part in weekly photoshop contest to earn few extra money. The approval time is not very long but the site’s editors do no take unoriginal content. So you need to submit your best piece.

2. Listverse

Listverse is a site that is entirely dedicated to listicles just as their name suggests. They publish top 10 lists of almost all the topics you could think of. The lists belong to various categories ranging from Bizarre facts, to mysteries, etc.

They have a really good write and get paid option which allows you to earn extra money by submitting lists. Once the list is approved, payout will be through Paypal. Do make sure that you follow their guidelines properly before you submit the listicle. If you can think out of the box and can come up with some cool and unique listicle, then this site is tailored to your liking!

3. Clixsense

Clixsense is a popular PTC site. PTC means Paid to Click that helps you earn money by clicking and viewing ads. Another way to earn money from this website is by referral programmes. Users who sign up for Clixsense are expected to view ads for at least 30 seconds. You get upto 0.02$ for viewing ads. Not much of money but in the long run can accumulate to a good amount.

Premium users can earn money through referrals. Once the person you have referred starts earning money, you get a small commission from that. Clixsense is one of the few trusted PTC sites out there. It pays you through Paypal, Payza or through bank method.

There are a lot of sites that scam people as well in the name of making money. Beware of those sites. As for the above mentioned sites, they are genuine and definitely worthy of being in our top websites for earn money 2020.


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