If you want to start blogging, there are two ways to go about. Either you could use a hosting platform like Wix/ WordPress with Bluehost or you could blog on popular platforms like Medium and Linkedin. The former option lets you have complete control over the website but is more time consuming. The latter takes gets you visibility in front of millions but at the same time you are subjected to their rules and regulations meaning you do not have any control over it. Regardless, here are the top websites to create blogs in 2020.

1. Wix

Wix is very easy to setup when compared to other platforms and that is what sets it apart. There are a lot of templates available in Wix for your blogs. Wix has made it easy for you to customize everything that you need by adding drag and drop features. Basic features like likes, comments, social tools, hashtags are all an easy add on in Wix. They have an automatic email subscription feature and a social media bar under every article for sharing on various social media platforms.


  • No learning curve
  • Pricing is also comparatively less


  • The themes are limited

2. WordPress

The most popular website builder out there because of one primary reason. The flexibility that WordPress has to offer. WordPress has been around for quite sometime and everyone who blogs know about it. To start building your website you need to buy a domain name, get a web hosting and set up your WordPress account.

The downside to WordPress is that it takes way more time than Wix since they offer so much more functionality. WordPress also allows seamless integrations with sales funnels tools such as Salesforce or Hubspot. This helps you convert potential leads to customers.


  • Complete scalability and functionality
  • Strong community


  • Bigger learning curve

3. Medium

Medium is home to over 60 million users and has one of the most thought provoking content when compared with all the blogging platforms. Your articles have a higher chance of being read as the community in Medium is very large. They have a dedicated reader base reading the blogs on a regular basis.

The editor on Medium is simple and clean. There is no learning curve and you can view how the blog will exactly look as it is when published. If you create a Medium publication, then you have the liberty to also add other editors as collaborators. With all these features, Medium surely deserves a spot in our list of top websites to create blogs.


  • Strong and large community


  • You do not own the traffic and will not be able to place ads as well.


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