Top iOS Games Featured Image
Top iOS Games Featured Image

The iPhones are getting smarter every year, to clarify there is a new feature popping up in every year’s Apple conference. Last year iPhone 12 Pro and this year the 13 pro. To clarify they come with their own features. introduced some great features to account for and especially the Lidar feature. The phones support the best-in-class games, and certainly, this article sorts the Top 10 iOS games of 2021.

People are accustomed to using free apps and games, but they are missing tough stuff in the paid section. This is especially true for game enthusiasts. But what is the best free game on the iPhone?

Meanwhile, if you have been looking for the latest and most fun games, this article is for you! That is to say, the 10 best iOS games are the most grossing on charts. After searching in the App Store, we have compiled a list of ten games this year for you to play.

Many of these games are hardly known to many people, so this helped create a list to provide. Also, this can help you play popular and quit the stagnant games you have been playing for a while.

We made sure to choose free games. Yet, most free games rely on in-app purchases to generate revenue. Thus, the list may include games that offer extra purchases. Allowing you to remove ads, make appearance changes, or unlock other features.

Games can be categorized into different categories as below:

  • Action Games
  • Arcade Games
  • Board Games
  • Endless Parkour Games
  • Puzzle Games
  • Racing Games
  • Role-Playing Games
  • Simulation Games
  • Sports Games
  • Strategy Games
  • Quiz Games

Apple’s App Store has tons of games, but avoiding scum can be tricky. We’ve highlighted interesting, well-made games that are worth making a home in your iPhone. So please feel free to download these recommended iOS games 2021.

If you prefer to play games on devices with more leeway, you should switch to the best iPad games. The app store in iOS offers an ever-growing library of high-quality top iOS games for a month. If you are not an iOS user, you can check out the Top Android games.

So without blabbering anymore, the following games are the top 10 best iOS games in 2021.

01. Altos Odyssey (for iOS)

Altos Odyssey (for iOS)
Altos Odyssey (for iOS)

This is the sequel to Alto’s Adventure (2015). It is the newer version but carries the feel of the previous one.

The fluid experience of skiing is still present in the game besides the updated version. The fluid mechanics of endless runs still exists in the game. Go down the mountain, complete goals, and collect all the coins for upgrades.

Alto is not the game your brain plays. Alto is something you can play in the middle of the night or when you want to relax. The background plays soothing music to make you feel relaxed.

02. Battle of Polytopia (iOS version)

Battle of Polytopia (iOS version)
Battle of Polytopia (iOS version)

It is a real-time strategy game – you control your tribe, expand your territory, fight enemies, and build an empire around the whole thing to protect it. It has made its name in one of the best iOS games, 2021.

In the Battle of Polytopia, you can alone or go multiplayer and play online. You can have the option of playing against friends or with strangers.

03. Beyond a Steel Sky (for iOS)

Beyond a Steel Sky (for iOS)
Beyond a Steel Sky (for iOS)

It is an Apple Arcade-only game. Beyond a Steel, Sky is the sequel to the long-awaited Revolution Software 1994 adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky.

This cyberpunk game pays tribute to the source material. It also acknowledges how its evolution over the past 25 years in the click genre.

04. Baba Is You ($6.99)

Baba Is You
Baba Is You

It is a puzzle game where you can constantly change the rules to find a solution. It is like Sokoban, but the difference – the landscape is scattered. Using these squares to make a sentence, everything can be changed in an instant.

You can change the controllable characters by placing an object type in front of `is you.` OR you can turn all walls into flags by placing the word `flag` after `wall is.`

This is disarming, sneaky, and glorious at the same time. The early mild levels will soon give way to more rigorous testing. But when you come up with a solution, the game never stops grinning mercilessly-but your path is tangled. The touch control is also perfect. Good stuff I what you will be getting yourself into.

05. Among Us (iOS version)

Among Us
Among Us

Among Us was launched in 2018 but somehow became very popular in 2020. But still has managed to make its way into the top 10 iOS games 2021.

We are stuck at home now, so this is the perfect game to build your social skills (and keep your paranoia high). It is a straightforward game core among us.

The crew of 10 players receives some tasks that need to be completed on their spaceships or alien planets. Yet, at least one crew member is an imposter, a terrifying alien who wants to kill the crew member. If the crooks can kill the crew before agreeing on who they are (and throw them into space), they will win.

If the staff can squeeze out the cheaters or finish their work without insufficient numbers, the staff will win. It’s like Clue’s science fiction game.

The mere simplicity makes it interesting. Each game lasts less than 15 minutes, making it the perfect party game. You get to play with random players from all over the world.

06. Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale ($6.99)

Meteorfall: Krumit's Tale
Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale

It is the ultimate evolution of a game. It combines various types like – turn-based strategy, deck building, and role-playing. In the end, it squeezes the resulting playing field into a small grid.

Your goal – defeat the enemies that exist in a three-by-three competitive environment by using cards. But instead of getting a hand, it is bought or removed from the field with money.

Every decision – a trade-off between risk and reward, whether it’s picking up a weapon, selling armor, or deciding to fight an enemy. This may be overwhelming at first, and your first few attempts may lead to rapid demise.

But stay there, and you will find Krumit’s Tale is an excellent strategy game with excellent art. It has rich game modes and enough depth to allow you to plan a strategy for months.

07. Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run
Super Mario Run

If anyone knows how to make a great game, Nintendo, but Boulder rarely makes mobile games directly. Super Mario Run is the rare one provided by Nintendo for iOS and the first mobile game featuring Mario.

Based on the essential horizontal scrolling fun of the classic Super Mario Bro. It runs with modern graphics and much fascinating new gameplay. It is easy to understand why it is still one of the top 20 mobile games ever.

You can link your Super Mario Run account to your My Nintendo account and earn many platinum points. All these points can be used to exchange for incredible rewards.

08. Brawlhalla (for iOS)


If you like Super Smash Bros but do not have a Nintendo system, then Brawlhalla is the next best choice. This free-to-play fighter puts minor and colorful characters with crazy weapons in a big fight and knocks each other off the stage.

09. Kingdom Rush Vengeance ($4.99)

Kingdom Rush Vengeance
Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the latest work of the premier tower defense line in mobile games. As always, the basic knowledge is to use resources to buy towers that can curb the flow of enemies. If many of them achieve their goal, you will be defeated and must try again.

At least from a plot point of view, the turning point is that you are the bad guy. The magician Veznan has had enough and is now on the verge of attacking his old enemy.

It has visual intelligence and different levels to compete. You have to use strategies in the form of using heroes and unleashing special powers. It is a bit cumbersome on the iPhone and includes some towers and heroes behind IAP.

10. Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2
Into the Dead 2

It has improved in all aspects from the first game. Now it provides a powerful and exciting gaming experience. The game is no longer an endless runner, and it has added narrative and some progress to the running gun game.

The story is more straightforward now. The name of your character is James. He crashes in a car accident in the middle of the road while returning to his wife Helen and daughter Maggie.

Of course, James was immediately swarmed by zombies, forcing him to flee and shooting to a safe place. With a gun, a walkie-talkie, and a strong desire to go home, James began to run among the hordes of zombies.

The creators have altered the performance and dubbing into a more transformative state. The overall gameplay has not changed from the first one, which is better than misfortune.

You will travel through a wilderness – full of zombies. Moreover, to stop from getting eating alive you can move the player left or right. Or you can tap the screen to shoot down equipped weapons.

You can visit the Technical Mack Youtube Channel to watch out more outstanding videos. Also watch out full video of Top 10 iOS Games in brief as below:


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