Your best chances of getting a flawless browsing experience has come. here we have compiled a list of top browsers for Windows in 2020. So let us get started.

1. Google Chrome

Probably the biggest and the most badass browsers of all time and for a reason. The features of Chrome are robust and it comes with full account integration. The extension ecosystem is nearly perfect and mobile integration has been top notch as well. Coming from the tech giants Google, you can always expect Chrome to be the gold standard for all the other browsers out there.

The browser offers amazing data syncing capability which lets you browse between devices seamlessly. The mobile integration feature too is unbeatable with hardly any browser coming close to beating it. The active accounts too stay in sync with chrome across all the devices. You just have to login to any device using your account and all your saved preferences and add ons will be instantly added . Chrome’s password manager also helps you create strong passwords for your websites in case you don’t come up with any strong ones.

2. Mozilla Firefox

Has been around for a long time and is known for its security. Mozilla rebuilt their traditional looking browser to a modern themed browser with a clean interface and functionality. The changes are not just appearance wise but in the performance as well.

The recent updates for the Firefox had seen some major upgrades. It included better privacy protection with anti-tracker support, improved syncing of password, improved readability, integrated alerts for breaching, and a passwords dashboard that shows how Mozilla protects your privacy backend. WebRender enhances the graphics performance on Windows PCs with Intel and AMD CPUs. It’s a solid browser with an extensive catalog of extensions and user interface customization. While managing settings across platforms isn’t fast like you would see in Chrome, the mobile app lets you share bookmarks between devices when using a free Firefox account.

Altogether, Firefox is more privacy-centric than Chrome but not quite as fast. Also, it’s feature set isn’t quite as expansive elsewhere.

3. Opera

A popular alternative to Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, Opera is a lot similar to Chrome. Both are built on the Google’s open source engine. The engine ( Chromium engine ) results in them having similar user experiences. Both Opera and Chrome feature a hybrid URL search bar and is also comparatively lighter and faster than all the other browsers for Windows. Opera has features that are built into the browser itself while Chrome depends a lot on external extensions for extended functionality.

Opera too comes with a lot of additional extensions like Chrome. You can have antiviruses, online security extensions, Whatsapp and many more. With the speed, user interface and functionality, Opera is definitely another contended for the position of top browsers for Windows.

A key feature of Opera would be the built in VPN that just makes it even better. The VPN add on is something that a lot of users look forward to as well.


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