iPhone has always seen a plethora of beautiful games. Though the collection is amazing, there are few titles you should not miss out on. If you are looking for some killer games to pass time then you have come to the right place. Here I am gonna show you the top 5 iOS games in 2020 that you can try your hands on!

1. Alto’s Odyessey

When it comes to beautiful scenery packed in a small game, there are no other iOS games that could possibly reach the benchmark that Alto’s Odyessey has set. A beautiful endless runner game with soothing tracks that would keep you hooked for hours, this mobile game has a class of its own. You will be playing as Alto, as he slides down mountain terrains across the globe. The game consists of a challenge system with the ability to unlock special characters as you level up. The Zen mode lets you glide down mountains without the fear of crashing since you won’t lose lives too. You can always practice your jumps before you begin your real quest. With the amazing background and the soothing music, Alto’s Odyessey is definitely the one to be added to this list!

2. Ocean Horn

A top iPhone game, Ocean Horn is similar to the Zelda game that you guys would have already heard of or even played. Though this game is not a recent release, it has been optimized for the latest iPhones as well so being outdated would be out of the question. A challenging puzzle throughout the game along with fun combat awaits the players. Pretty solid graphics along with fun RPG elements to add to the beauty of Ocean Horn. On top of all this, playing it with an MFi game controller makes it even more realistic! You would not even realize that you are playing it on mobile.

The game has lengthy gameplay which means the player is going to be hooked for hours. Definitely not a short game like many other titles you would find in the app store. The game is also universal and compatible with a wide range of devices including the Apple TV.

3. Into the Dead 2

A lot of improvements have been incorporated into the second version of the game from the first. Into the dead two delivers a robust and exciting gaming experience for all the zombie lovers out there. The second version sees a narration that takes the entire gameplay to a different level because it is no more an endless runner game like the previous version. The story is simple. You play as James who meets with a car accident. James has to pass through a horde of zombies before he can get back and reunite with his family.

The gameplay has not changed much from the Into the Dead 1 version. It’s a pretty engrossing game especially if you are a fan of zombie shooters or zombie adventure games.

4. Battleheart 2

One of the best iPhone RPGs out there, Battleheart 2 is a different league altogether. The game is fast-paced and frantic with all the action elements that you would expect from this genre. You control the paths for your team characters which is pretty dope. The battles happen in real-time and you can control your character’s abilities by tapping on the buttons associated. The enemies can be targeted by tapping on them and your teammates would be required to heal you just in case you take damages. A lot of loot and characters can be unlocked with levels becoming increasingly tougher as you progress.

5. Among Us

One of the biggest talked about iOS games in recent times, Among us did create a huge buzz. It is a cross-platform game that can be played between Android, iOS, and PC using the internet or locally. The game sees between four and 10 players on a spaceship, working together to keep it running in the vacuum of space. But not everyone is who they pretend to be and a certain number of those players are actually Imposters, placed there to sabotage the ship and kill as many players as you can. Nobody knows who the impostor is and that’s when they hold meetings in between to find out who the real impostors are.


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