Choosing the best iOS apps for your phone might not be such an easy task. There are plenty of apps out there in the App store so choosing the most appropriate one requires some research. We got you covered. In our first list, we are covering the best 5 iOS apps you should have right now!

1. Google Chrome

If you think of iOS, then the browser that comes across your mind in Safari. Safari browser is a decent one but does that mean Google Chrome is not required. Well, Chrome is certainly an upgrade over Safari in every sense. It syncs across multiple devices, making it very easy for you to access your history or bookmarks from any device that is synced. Chrome also includes a range of other features, including a search bar, autocomplete, data saving services, and unlimited tabs. Just keep one thing in mind folks: Close the tabs that you are not using. Chrome takes up more of your mobile’s resources so you do not want unnecessary load.

2. Group Me

If you are someone participating in a lot of group chats, then Group Me is your go-to app. GroupMe is a messaging app that lets you send direct messages and group messages from mobile devices without any sort of message limits or fees. For interacting with your friends, from creating events to sending money, Group Me has got you covered. Group Me is known for its emojis as well as their gifs. GroupMe’s group chats create a dedicated space for your friends to continuously communicate while delivering more features than competing messaging apps.

3. Discord

For chatting with like-minded individuals, the Discord App is the best alternative for the iPhone. Though Discord is considered primarily as a gaming or entertainment portal, it is much more than that. Users can even use it for business purposes or to even discuss an NGO project. The use cases are plenty when you start using Discord. Members have access to conversations that only matter to them in Discord channels. The voice messaging feature on Discord is phenomenal with users feeling as though they are communicating with each other in real life. This is not something you would get from other messaging apps.

4. 1Password

1Password is a safe, secure, and ultra-reliable app for iOS. When it comes to security, it is one of the most robust password managers that you could possibly find for iOS.

Its intuitive display and simple UI makes it ideal even for no techie users.  Features like clipboard clearing and travel mode allow advanced users to take advantage of the app as well. Overall, the 1 Password is an app that is suited to all the users irrespective of whether they are a techie or not.

A free trial is available as well. 

5. Day One

Day One is an incredible note-taking app for iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Date-wise entries along with attachments like images or any other file format can be added using this amazing app. It works similarly to a physical journal allowing you to note down things that you would do later in the day, things that you think about, or jot down some notes related to your work.

The user interface is pretty neat and simple. In fact, it is one of the cleanest and simplest journal apps that we have come across. One major advantage of the Day One app is that the free version comes with almost 75% of all the features of the paid version. If that sounds like a pretty solid deal, go ahead and download it right now! You will be surprised as to how simple and powerful this app really is. Day one has all the potential to be one of the best iOS apps!


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