Google Chrome extensions definitely make your life easier. Here are five Google Chrome extensions that you can try out!

1. Last Pass Google Chrome Extension

Using a secure password is of utmost importance to everyone. But a password that is very complicated can also be extremely hard to remember. Okay, let me rephrase that one. I mean, it is almost impossible to remember. That is where we need an extension such as the Last Pass.

So how does Last Pass aim to solve this problem? They create passwords that are random and are encrypted in their database. For all your websites Last Pass would create a random strong password for you and you don’t even have to remember or note them down anywhere. All you have to do is remember a master password. That’s it! Simple as that!

Some password managers ask you to store all the usernames and passwords in their database. Via Last Pass, you don’t have to do all that. Just one password for login and you are good to go. The last Pass prompts you whenever there is a login option for any site.

2. The Great Suspender Original

Chrome is known to make the mid-end systems lag when man tabs are kept open. They are known for their memory usage. The Great Suspender is one such extension that helps to suspend tabs you are not currently using.

The extension is smart too. You can prepare a whitelist that ensures that it does not suspend a domain or URL. ( If some forms or media player is open, then you can add it to the whitelist.) This way, you can ensure that you don’t lose out on information.

If you are concerned about the way in which the RAM is gobbled up by Chrome, then Last Pass is your go-to application.

3. Tab Wrangler

Tab Wrangler works similar to The Great Suspender. But here is a twist. Tab Wrangler suspends tabs based on their inactivity period. If you haven’t used a tab for a long time. Now don’t worry about Tab Wrangler closing important tabs. Even if they do, you get the option to retrieve it immediately. Tab Wrangler keeps a tab on all the inactive tabs that it closed.

Also, you can pin tabs you do not want Tab Wrangler to close. This serves as an added advantage. The only downside to Tab Wrangler is that it does not save the state of the tab. This means that if you were working on a form, it would not save the details that had already been entered. The page would start off again.

4. Full-Screen Page Capture

This extension does what its name says. As simple as that. It captures the screenshot of the entire webpage. No extra permission is needed for the extension. You can either capture the full page screen by tapping on the extension icon or you could just push in alt + Shift + P. The Page will scroll as it is captured and then Full-Screen Page Capture would display the image in a separate window that can be downloaded.

In case the page turns out to be huge, the extension ensures that it transforms the image into manageable chunks which can be downloaded separately.

5. Stylish

Some website pages are particularly useful but, frankly, ugly. That is where the Stylish Chrome extension comes in. This handy Chrome extension lets you employ customized made skins into web pages, which gives a soothing feeling to the eyes.

When studying a black text on a white backdrop provides you a headache, you are going to appreciate the abundance of themes specially created for websites including Reddit, Facebook, and Google.

Any installed theme can be edited and you have the freedom to create your own with the CSS editor if you are feeling creative.


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