The future of freelancing looks great and the gig economy is booming more than ever. If you are someone who wants to try out some amazing freelancing websites, then this blog might be just for you.

1. Toptal

Toptal is all about helping companies find the best freelancers.  The freelancers can range from designers to finance experts, project managers, and content marketers. Toptal has been used by major companies such as Motorola and HP for hiring freelancers as well.

As a freelancer, you’ll have to go through a solid screening process measured on factors that test everything from your language and personality to skills that you can put forth. A live screening process will also be conducted to test the efficiency of the freelancers who are signing up. This means that Toptal is comparatively tougher to crack than other freelancing websites but the effort is worth it since the rewards are lucrative.

2. Guru

Guru is also used by companies around the world to hire the best talent. The freelancing options on Guru range from writing to designing to even sales and marketing. The signup process is easy and would not take so much time to get started with. Guru is used by over 3 million people. The user interface is pretty simple and Guru keeps in check the feedback of all the freelancers and their transaction history so that the clients can have an idea about the freelancers before they hire them. With regard to freelancers, Guru is flexible too. Offering up to 4 contract types which include fixed contract, hourly contract, task-based contract, and recurring contract.

3. Upwork

One of the most popular freelancing sites out there, Upwork has a separate class of its own. Earlier, Upwork was known as Odesk and was quite popular back then as well. Upwork is used by bigger companies as well such as Microsoft, Airbnb, and GE. Upwork covers many areas of freelancing including web application, design, sales to writing, and illustrating.

After the client posts, a project the freelancer has the ability to choose the mode. Whether they want it to be a short term contract or a long term contract. Each contract is measured by milestones ( Parts of work ). Communication between the client and freelancer is hassle-free as well with the ability to video call along with a solid chat system.

4. Freelancer

Just like the other websites mentioned here, is also one of the top tier websites for freelancing. It allows freelancers to market their services easily without any hassle. A freelancer on this platform can bid for projects that involve creative writing, data entry, software development, accounting, designing, etc. The pricing plans for the freelancers are also quite flexible with plans ranging from monthly to annual subscription packages. Few brownie points that make Freelancer stand apart are safe and robust payment system, an easy and hassle-free progress monitoring system, and a solid job hunting solution.

5. Fiverr

The best part about Fiverr is that just about anyone can create an account and get started with Fiverr. You can be in the creative field or in the purely technical field. Whichever field you are in, Fiverr is one of the best freelancing sites out there to boost your career. Fiverr is known for its secure communication channels with clients. Also, you are able to sell your services easily without a big learning curve like you usually see on other freelancing websites. Your personal data is also extremely secure in Fiverr.


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