There are a plethora of Android Apps to choose from. A lot of time we end up being confused because we might not be able to choose the best apps for the phone. Let me show you the five best android apps that you should have on your phone right now.

1. Lastpass Android App

Lastpass is a must-have app for your android device. There are a lot of times when you tend to forget the password for your device. Lastpass lets you store passwords in an ultra-safe and secure way. What’s more, they let you create a super complicated password so that you password is more secure than an average one. Cross-platform functionality is supported by Lastpass and you just need to remember one master password to access their password database.

There are a lot of other password manager apps as well but LastPass comes with two main advantages:

  • Their premium version is not that costly
  • The app is ultra-secure and is user friendly

2. Microsoft Swiftkey

One of the most customizable phone keyboards out there, Swiftkey from Microsoft was released a couple of years back. Though it was released a few years back, to this date, there has been no other android keyboard as powerful as this one. It is completely free and you can purchase skins if you want to. The predictability feature of this keyboard is another stand out feature of the Swiftkey. Some of the key features of the Microsoft Swiftkey include:

  • Multiple Language Support
  • Cross-Device Syncing
  • Dedicated number row

3. Power Amp Music Player Android App

One of the go-to music player apps for Android is Power Amp Music Player since they are extremely popular and functional. Some key features include:

  • High-resolution audio support
  • Simple to use equalizer
  • Support for any audio codec

The user interface is not extremely friendly and that might be a drawback for a few. The themes can be downloaded from the Google Play Store directly. Though there are other good music players too, Power Amp is one app that has the potential to top the list.

4. Nova Launcher Android App

Android experience should be better and simpler. For this, you need a decent launcher. Nova Launcher has been an incredible decision for many Android users, and it’s even the best launcher for a few. With Nova Launcher, you can modify more subjects, styles, symbols, application cabinets, gadgets, and more with its free highlights. It’s additionally a local application so it works very quickly in a clean manner without requiring a lot of RAM.

Nove, when launched, does not seem like a great deal, however, open up the settings menu and you’ll discover a store of alternatives for tweaking an entire scope of highlights: from application edges and sizes to text style tones and appearance, to your application cabinet format and movement impacts, to screen signals, to dock settings to uninitiated identifications; the rundown goes on. To keep it short, Nova Launcher offers a plethora of options without even getting your phone rooted.

5. Google Find My Device

In case of theft or loss of your Android device, Google’s Find my Device is the best app you could use. It helps you locate your stolen phone, helps you reset the pin and passcode, and lets you even erase the whole data. Now that is something a lot of apps fail to accomplish leaving the Find My Device app as the top app for security purposes.


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