Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021

There are millions of apps on the Google Play Store; moreover, there’s an app for everything. Android is changing every year, but the spotlight is still on apps. There are few must-have apps for you for better productivity, functionality, and security. Above all, every task on the apps is designed to make things easy in life. However, some stand out from the rest. These apps are helpful for almost everyone, regardless of their use case.

Without further ado, here are the best Android apps available

01. Moon + Reader

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Moon+ Reader
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Moon+ Reader

Apart from Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook apps, Moon + Reader is the best e-book reader in the Android Apps category. In other words, it is the app I can’t say enough about. If you are someone who hoards books and has a collection you haven’t read yet, this can be your moment, go and download the Moon+reader and we believe you will list this in the top 5 best Android apps.

02. The Sky by Redshift: Astronomy

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - The Sky by Redshift: Astronomy
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – The Sky by Redshift: Astronomy

Everybody knows someone, and every childhood had plans to contact the next galaxy neighbors. This Android app gives you the lens you need to spot the next planet’s neighbors. It is one of the best apps for astronomy fanatics, who watch the eclipses and find patterns in stars all night long to spot some relation.

Above all, you need to point your smartphone at the sky, and the app will tell you which planets, stars, and constellations are above it. The Sky also made it to the top 10 Android Apps. So it’s great for identifying distant lights that you can see and highlighting those too far away to be seen without a telescope.

You can touch any object to learn more about it, see how the sky differs from night to night, view spaceships, and much more, with over 9,000 stars, 88 constellations, and hundreds of Deepsky object moons, asteroids, and comets.

Moreover, the app is free but has an optional annual subscription for $ 2.99 / £ 2.99 that removes ads and unlocks additional features. To go even further, get Redshift Sky Pro for $ 8.99 / £ 8.99, a professional astronomy app with over 100,000 stars included.

03. Dropbox: Cloud Storage & Drive

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Dropbox
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Dropbox

Dropbox is the next pioneer in the personal cloud service. Above all, Dropbox is what you need to keep all your data with you, available on all devices you are using all the time. In addition, it keeps up with Android, even with the highly integrated Google Drive. By choosing Dropbox as your go-to app for data storage, you get to be on the move riding on the back of this Android app.

After that, Dropbox can be a perfect backup for your images and automatically uploads each picture to the cloud. In addition, it also embodies some lightweight image editing tools. If you keep browsing for online storage and are running out of options, check this app out for your online storage.

04. Duolingo: Learn English Free

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Duolingo
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Duolingo

This app gives you the medium to learn a new language to add to flaunt in your social circle and use for traveling. Duo lingo combines language learning with small lessons and an easy-to-use interface.

You start with a simple vocabulary and build it from there. Accordingly, it is your guide to learning a new language or reviewing an already known one. More usage of the app will unlock, and with practice, you will learn. Currently, this free app supports Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. Or more practical options like Esperanto and Klingon.

05. 1Weather: Weather Forecast, Widget, Alerts & Radar

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - 1Weather
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – 1Weather

Not just one, there are many weather apps out there. Even Google has its own. However, this comes out as an exception – it may be the best weather app out there. It has a simple, paginated layout that shows you the current weather, up to 12 weeks forecast, a radar, and other fun stats. For instance, you get a pretty decent set of easily customizable widgets and standard things options for severe weather notifications and a radar option for – approaching storms.

Moreover, its best feature is its minimalist design that only tells you the weather and little else. The user interface is easy to move around, and the fun weather data is the icing on the cake. You can access the app in the free version but will have to bear along with a pinch of ads. It costs a $1.99 fee to remove the ads. Otherwise, both versions work the same. Chances are, they will also enjoy all the fun weather facts when they open the app.

06. Notion – Notes, Tasks, Wikis

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Notion
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Notion

The team working behind notion identified the flaws and reforms needed for team productivity. In other words, Notion allows users to create personalized shared or private workspaces. From there, add versatile “blocks” that can act as text snippets, bookmarks, images, toggle links, files, code snippets, discussion sections, and more.

This approach empowers you to customize the workspace easily and drag and drop individual content blocks to the desired location without interrupting an entire document. Whether you’re taking notes, editing spreadsheets, or building a Kanban board, Notion’s powerful building blocks make setup a breeze.

The free version of Notion allows you to store and sync up to 1,000 content blocks. At the same time, premium subscriptions remove this content restriction and add management tools, permission settings, and other features.

07. Brave Privacy Browser: Secure, Free Web Browser

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Brave Privacy Browser
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Brave Privacy Browser

Everyone is tired of unnecessary ads popping up in YouTube ads and on other chrome pages. The base principle of Brave Privacy Browser – it is faster than Chrome. To clarify, their claim is based on the loading without any ad, and hence faster than chrome.

Moreover, to protect your interests on the internet, Brave Browser provides various features. For example, it includes built-in blockers for third-party ads, pop-ups, scripts, and cookies.

It indeed implements the HTTPS Everywhere extension so you can make sure your website connections are secure. The light and minimalist design look great too.

08. Whisk: Recipe Saver, Meal Planner & Grocery List

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Whisk
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Whisk

The kitchen is a mess – for people new to cooking and sometimes for pros too. Managing recipes and organizing everything. Whish can come out as your savior. With the recipe organizer, you can access recipes from the Internet or other cooking applications and adjust the ingredients and portion sizes according to your wishes.

For instance, a single button turns that recipe into a shopping list that you can use to buy in-store or online.

In addition to recipe management and grocery shopping features, Whisk also offers a community of home cooks who can share recipes that inspire you to try new dishes. And with a meal planning feature, you can plan what you’ll be serving for the week. Those are many features that you can pack into one of the best free Android apps we’ve seen.

09. Adobe Acrobat Reader: Edit PDF

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Adobe Acrobat Reader
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Adobe Acrobat Reader

While your Android phone likely supports some of the basic viewings of PDF files, you will need a dedicated PDF reader application like Adobe Acrobat Reader if you want something more powerful.

The mobile version of Acrobat Reader is a powerful reader with configurable display modes, page search support, cloud storage, bookmarks, and tables of contents. It also includes annotation features for your margin notes, comments, and even digital signatures. In-app purchases and subscriptions unlock professional and productivity-oriented features.

10. Wuta Camera: Nice Shot Always

Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 - Wuta Camera
Top 10 Android Apps to have in 2021 – Wuta Camera

An excellent camera app should avoid clutter and be full of manual controls so you can take a photo exactly how you want it, but that’s a tricky balance. And few succeed. Wait, the pro camera probably will.

This app gives you complete manual control, including RAW shooting, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, exposure compensation, and focus. There is also a touch to focus, a timer, a grid, and several different lenses. It’s a formidable set of tools, with the app focusing more on powerful utilities than cheats, but everything looks spotless and minimal.

The Wait is designed for ease of use. To clarify – double-tap each setting to reset it to automatic, or double-tap the display to reset everything back to automatic, and all controls are at your fingertips.

The biggest downside to this Android app is that it can’t currently record videos, but for Photos, you most likely want to replace your current camera app with this one, and the videos seem to be in the works.

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