Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

What are The Top Freelancing Skills for 2021?

The current scenario of the business world has made freelancing a bigger game. Moreover, people have realized the ease of the freelancing space. Perhaps, the article you are currently reading or the website you’re going to buy might be by a freelancer.

Due to lockdowns and the current scenario of the world economy, the people’s perspective is changing. They accepted freelancing as a better option than fighting their way through the 9 to 5 rat race every day. Flexibility, independence, and a variety of opportunities to tap into multiple sources of income are some of the reasons that made freelancing in. People are switching to self-employment as a full-time employment option.

What does That Mean?

To clarify, it can be seen from the above figures: Self-employment is on the rise. More than 23 percent of those surveyed by PayPal said they earn more than 6 million rupees a year. That number is much higher than a traditional job’s wages of 95.

Just because there are so many overlapping freelance ideas like freelance writing and web design, or Android programming and graphic design, or proofreading and SEO specialist, there are numerous ways to increase your income and additional marketing skills.

But what if you don’t have any skills as a freelancer right now? Knowing where to start can be pretty tedious and frustrating.

Best of all, you can learn new skills anytime, anywhere, at any age!

You can learn new skills, and it could well be one of the few freelance skills that pay well. Subsequently, the ones in demand in overseas markets like Australia, the UK, and the US are listed below as they are paid very lucratively.

Most importantly, to help you we’ve compiled a list of the 7 fastest-growing freelance skills to help you earn a stable income or retire early as a freelancer. These skills range from technical to non-technical freelance skills.

Following are The Most Sought After Freelance Skills:

01. Social Media Management (SMM)

Social Media Management - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Social Media Management – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

Currently, Social Media is more than a leisure platform to spend time. Companies are using it effectively to market products and maintain public relations. Almost all companies, small or large, have more than one profile on different social media platforms.

It may sound simple, but managing social media is a daunting task and requires extensive knowledge of social media. You need to monitor and manage not only content but audience feedback as well. That’s the job of a social media manager.

Firstly, a social media manager represents and manages the entire online presence of a company. As the value of social media increases day by day, the demand for social media operators has grown even faster.

Secondly, if you can keep up with online trends and have a solid understanding of social media and SEO, you can pursue a full-time career in social media management.

02. Amazon Web Services Development

Amazon Web Services Development - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Amazon Web Services Development – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

Large companies like Pinterest, Netflix, and Airbnb turn to AWS for cloud storage. AWS is so large that the content it stores represents approximately 40% of all content on the Internet! With so much at stake, AWS and its customers are doing everything they can to prevent cyberattacks and reduce downtime caused by system failures.

If you are familiar with cloud storage, here are some options. Firstly, you can work with Amazon as a troubleshooter. Secondly, you can manage the cloud service for one or more AWS customers.

AWS offers a variety of online courses to keep you up to date. This is a very lucrative job for tech experts interested in freelancing online.

03. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Programming – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

If you even understand the meaning of these words, you are on your way to a lucrative career! Simply put, blockchain is a special kind of database that collects and stores new information in, you guessed it, “blocks.”

The system “concatenates” each new block of data with the previous one in chronological order. Blockchain is the recording technology that serves as the foundation for the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. It is a kind of ledger for cryptocurrency transactions, and the way data is protected within the blockchain makes it highly secure.

This is why companies spend billions on blockchain coders and managers if they can find them! If computer programming is one of your skills, then it will be in high demand. And if you want more information, there are a variety of online courses available to learn this complex programming language.

04. Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Mobile application development – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

We love our apps and rely on them for everything from ordering a pizza to buying a house. Applications that highlight products and services must be designed, coded, and tested on all mobile devices. As long as people can’t work without their phones, you can rely on a steady job, especially as a freelancer!

IOS and Android use their specific programming language. You can learn both or specialize in one or the other. Moreover, you can polish the app development skills by working on a sample project and go on showcasing it to get clients.

05. SEO Specialist


Search Engine Optimization has been in the Marketing, also known as SEO Marketing or SEM (Search Engine Marketing), is another freelance skill in demand in 2021.

Adding more to it, SEO expert is one of the highest paying freelance jobs, SEO Marketing has a long list of technical requirements. Skills like understanding and interpreting Google algorithms, keyword research, link building, page speed, rendering, lazy loading, server-side redirects, micro-data tagging, the list is quite long.

It is a specialized digital marketing domain where independent SEO professionals are required to get a client’s website to appear on the first pages of search engines.

06. Video Editing

Video Editing - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Video Editing – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

All experts agree that video is the most powerful type of digital content. By 2020, nearly 1 million videos will cross the internet every second! You don’t even have to enjoy shooting to enjoy video editing.

In this role, you take raw materials and movie clips and turn them into beautiful works of art. It is telling stories through images! Videos are much more subtle than traditional sales pitches, but they are also more memorable. If you need proof, ask your parents if Coca-Cola taught the world to sing in 1971.

Go to YouTube or search online for “video editing software” to improve your knowledge and skills.

07. Accounting

Accounting - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Accounting – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

Rising real estate prices have made it impossible for small and medium-sized businesses to buy or rent their own offices. As a result, they work from much smaller premises. Regular employees are encouraged to work as telecommuters, while other essential functions are outsourced to freelancers, either individually or as collaborative projects.

Accounting is one of the most sought-after freelance skills right now, as companies cannot have full-time employees in their offices. Small and medium-sized businesses don’t need full-time accountants to manage their day-to-day finances. Therefore, they are looking for freelancers who can do these jobs.

08. Consulting

Consulting - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Consulting – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

Many professionals have left their full-time positions to start their own freelance consulting. It not only allows flexibility or work but also allows workers to earn additional income.

The leading consultancies in the freelance sector include architecture, law, various engineering sciences, advertising and marketing, financial management, and personnel development.

Regardless of specialization, running a consulting business is an independent skill that is currently in demand. Foreign ventures who have waited long enough to get into the Indian business environment are looking for local consultants for their respective advice and services.

09. Recruiter

Recruiter - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Recruiter – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

The Make in India and Skill India programs launched by the Indian government have led many foreign companies to seek talent. Moreover, these employers are looking for freelancers who can help them meet their staffing needs – selecting the best possible candidates for a position. Demand is highest in the information technology sector, followed by medicine and technology.

Freelance recruiters are typically industry professionals. Know the needs of the industry and emerging trends. Hence, their services come in handy when a company enters the Indian market or seeks skilled workers for overseas assignments. It is one of the freelance skills currently in high demand among Indian and foreign companies.

10. Content Writer

Content Writer - Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021
Content Writer – Most Demanding freelancing Skills in 2021

Another excellent freelance skill currently in demand is content writing. The work is very complex. In addition to excellent writing skills combined with business fluency in English or any other primary language, it includes extensive research, contact with current news and events, a high level of understanding, and general knowledge.

Simply put, content writing sounds easy, but it’s a pretty tough job for any freelancer looking to make decent money in a highly competitive industry. A search of any good freelance website shows that there is a high demand for content writers. This is because businesses and blogs need high-quality content that is unique and interesting to readers. Although India is not an English-speaking country, the demand for content writers from foreign clients is very high.


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