Instagram Hashtags are substantial for your organic growth on Instagram. If you are wondering what organic growth is, let me put it in a simple way. Any social media growth without spending money is termed as purely organic. You can use up to 30 hashtags on Instagram and the hashtag game is not that an easy task. Let us dive deep into it.

To begin with, it is imperative to realize that the art of hashtagging is not simply adding the hash sign in front of all the words that you can possibly think of. It is much more than that. To use hashtags in your content in the most efficient way possible, you need to do your research. Research is key and let me tell you this. It will be time-consuming as well. So where do we start? Let’s start with the basics.

Don’t over use hashtag

While it might be tempting to sprinkle hashtags on every post now and then, it is not usually a great idea to go overboard on the hashtags. It is always a wise move to be picky when it comes to hashtags. I have personally seen a lot of people use hashtags that are not even relevant to the type of content they are posting. This might look like an easy task to do but in reality, it is just going to be disastrous for your brand or page. it isn’t good to go overboard on hashtags. When it comes to having more of an impact with your hashtag game, it can actually pay off more to be picky. There have been few researches that were conducted and they had found out that 11 hashtags were ideal. TO be honest, I don’t think a particular number exists. The core here is to use hashtags that are tailored to your post. That’s it. You cannot post on Mental health and use hashtags that are related to health supplements. Though both fall in the same niche – health. The goal is to be specific to the content at hand.

Get inspired by other Instagrammers in your industry

Now when it comes to deciding on the hashtags, a good way is to observe your competitors. Now there would be plenty of creators that are doing extremely well in your niche. So you do have to keep a track of the top creators and observe the hashtags that they are using. There are tools available such as Ninjalytics which can come in handy when you want to analyze your competitors’ hashtags. With Ninjalytics you would be able to find out which of their hashtags rank and so on.

Reuse the Hashtags that are performing well

As discussed above, it is important to research your hashtags for each post and ensure you aren’t using hashtags that are overly popular. If you do, your posts are likely to get lost in the sea of other hashtagged posts.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with re-using the same well-researched, highly targeted hashtags if those are what appeal to your audience. In fact, you should keep track of the hashtags that are performing really well so that you can reuse them wherever you see fit.

Avoid the use of banned hashtag

There are a certain set of hashtags that are banned by Instagram. Make sure you don’t use them. You don’t want to get shadowbanned. Shadowban is real when you use banned hashtags and that can definitely hinder your growth. Go to Google and get the list of banned hashtags on Instagram so that you can avoid any problems in the future.


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