Identify a song from any video? Sounds crazy right? Have you ever come across a song that was played in a video and you wanted to badly know which song that was. You tried all the possible ways to identify which song that was and you failed. Well, I know the feeling. But, here I am to guide you on how you can identify a song from any video. All you need is a mobile app. Yup, you heard it right. Just a mobile app and of course the video!

Welcome to Shazam

Shazam is one of the earliest apps that could listen to music and other media played and recognize the title in a matter of few seconds. It displays the name of the song on the screen with options to purchase it as well. Despite few other apps coming into the market as well for identifying the songs, Shazam still remains as the favourite. Since the time of release, Shazam has evolved into an advanced app that gives more information about the songs and media it recognizes. The app also improves with each update.

The App Details

Once you launch the app, you will come to main screen with the big Shazam icon and a blue background. This is where to “Shazam” it while the song is playing in the background. Since earlier versions, the design has definitely gotten a facelift with flattened interface elements and other add ons to the UI. At the bottom of the screen, you can find buttons to navigate the different features of Shazam.

The tag button on Shazam allows you to browse through all the previous songs that you have tagged. The news button shows what your friends have tagged. This is possible only if you have connected your Facebook account with the app. The explore button lets you see what others around the globe are searching for. The Pulse button at the lower end allows you to open a new tab with multiple screens that lets you see the tracks that are hot on Shazam along with other popular playlists.

Identifying the Song

The main purpose of the app is to identify the song or media that is playing in the background. I mean, Shazam is quite popular for that feature. Shazam can hear the music through the microphone of your smartphone. So when you come across a song or media that you don’t recognize, immediately open up Shazam and hit the button at the center. Shazam will display that it is “listening” to the song and once it has captured, it will send to the server and display the name of the song. Most of the times when I used Shazam personally, I found that it was successful. There are hardly anytime when it cannot recognize the media. Of course when a lot of beats are involved and the song is probably a remixed version, it might be harder for the app to recognize.

Overall, Shazam is the way to go about it if you want to identify a song from a video. It still is the number 1 app for recognizing songs and you should have this handy app in your phone.


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