Instagram can be a boon and a bane. With around 1 billion users, the platform has a huge user base. The problem with social media platforms like Instagram is that, sometimes you are just done seeing all the flawless photos that your friends upload or the negative content that piles up on your feed on a daily basis. If you are thinking as to how to delete Instagram, this guide is tailored just for you!

1. How to Delete your Instagram Account?

Before we kickstart, you do need to keep in mind that once you delete Instagram, it is gone forever. There is no retrieval. You will lose access to your account permanently and the data can never restored. If you are unsure about this, we highly recommend that you deactivate your account instead of deleting it.

Step 1: You have to login to your account via the browser. The sad part is that you cannot delete your account via the mobile app.

Step 2: Go to the Delete Your Account page here.

Step 3: Once you are on the page you can choose an option from the drop down menu. The question would be “Why are you deleting your account?” Give a reason and re-enter your password. Any account that you want to delete on any social media platform, you have to re-enter the password. That is a standard rule for safety purpose.

Step 4: Click on “permanently delete my account” and you are done.

In case if you do not feel good about deleting your Instagram account, then Instagram has another option that lets you kind of like hide your account. This is similar to deletion but you can get back your account from wherever you left it. This option is called deactivation as I have mentioned earlier. When you deactivate your profile, your profile is completely hidden from the public. But you can reactivate it anytime and everything including the likes and comments will reappear.

2. How to Deactivate your Instagram Account?

Step 1: Login again via the web browser. You cannot again disable your account from the app.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon at the top right corner to access your profile.

Step 3: Click on edit profile and then scroll to the bottom of the page. Select “temporarily disable my account” in the bottom left corner.

Temporarily Deactivate Instagram

Step 4: Once you are on that page, choose an answer that you see fit as to why you are deactivating your account. Once you have selected an option, the temporarily disable my account option will pop up. Select that. Click on that and your account will be deactivated in few hours.


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