Google has been testing out its new app Google Task Mate that lets users earn cash for completing various tasks. If you want to learn more about Google Task Mate, you have come to the right place.

About Task Mate

Google has started to test out the app in India. Currently, the app is available in the Google Play Store but only in beta mode. The working is pretty simple. Users get money in return for doing certain tasks. The tasks vary from clicking the pictures of a shop, voice recording, confirming shop details, or transcribing sentences that are required by businesses. The best part is that the tasks can be performed from anywhere. No exact location is needed. There will obviously be a time frame to complete the tasks and users also get the option of selecting the tasks that they like. You don’t necessarily have to sit and complete tasks in genres that you are not comfortable with.

A Reddit user first found out about the beta testing according to a report. The payout will be according to the currency of the country in which the user resides. All the tasks that are completed will be reviewed thoroughly and assigned a level to reward the user suitably. There are two types of tasks that each user can complete. Field tasks or sitting tasks. Field tasks involve all the tasks that you need to do when you go out. The sitting at home tasks involve tasks such as voice recording, transcribing so on.

There are three steps involved:

  • Finding Tasks Nearby
  • Completing tasks to begin earning
  • Cashing out the earnings

There is a small catch to the entire setup if you do not know that is. You need a referral code currently to start working with Task Mate. The app is currently in beta mode and even Google advises to install the app only if you have an invite. Without the invite, users will be unable to use the Task Mate app as of now.


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