Okay, let me be honest here. Sometimes your thumbnail just does not stand out. You could’ve uploaded the best video on YouTube, but it might not end up getting the videos it deserves because of the lack of a solid thumbnail.

YouTube thumbnails can instantly grab viewer’s attention and this can help your video stand out amongst all the other videos that are cluttering on Youtube and begging for attention.

Ready to create a thumbnail that stands out? Let’s dive right into it!

Step 1: Visit an online thumbnail maker
There are several free online thumbnail makers. You would find a lot, in fact. The one we would like to recommend is Fotojet. You might not even have heard of it because it is not as popular as Snappa or Canva. The biggest advantage is that Fotojet allows you to create thumbnails without even requiring you to give your email address. Now that is pretty convenient, I would say. The interface is simple, and we need no rocket science to create an amazing thumbnail. It’s very easy and Fotojet allows you to create customizable thumbnails that make your Youtube video stand out.

Step 2: Upload a photo or get one of the thumbnail makers’ templates
Youtube usually allows you to upload a thumbnail of your choice. But if you feel like your thumbnail does not have the potential to grab enough attention, then Fotojet has got you covered. They have over 23 free templates to choose from. You could anyway start from scratch but if you lack time, then the pre-made templates are the way to go about.

Step 3: Add text, clip art, or a background to your thumbnail.
Ass a text, clip art, or a background to your thumbnail to enhance it. Make sure you add “catchy” elements to your thumbnail to make it look attractive. Nobody clicks on a thumbnail that looks boring.

Give your thumbnail a title and save it as JPG or PNG for the best quality. Its resolution will already match YouTube’s recommended resolution — 1280 x 720 pixels. You don’t have to worry about resizing it.

Here are three alternatives to Fotojet which you can use to create amazing thumbnails:

1. Canva

One of the most popular online thumbnail makers out there, Canva is something everyone needs to try out. There are a million graphic elements to choose from with a wide range of templates. They have a mobile app as well, so you can create your YouTube thumbnail on the go. Canva is super convenient to use as well, with a tonne of features that a lot of other online thumbnail makers lack.

Though it is free to use, Canva has the paid version as well which gives you access to premium templates and graphic elements. It marks the paid elements with a dollar sign, which makes it more convenient.

2. Adobe Spark 

The best part about Adobe Spark is the brand Adobe itself. Adobe products are premium products and Spark is free to use. Though few people might find the templates basic when compared to popular sites like Canva and Snappa, they are solid and can definitely give your thumbnail creation a boost. Adobe Spark comes with a wide range of templates. You can add text, graphics, and other components to your thumbnail with ease. They also have a specific category for Youtube thumbnail.

3. Snappa

Snappa is the closest competitor to Canva. It is a wonderful fully featured graphics editor with an exclusive collection of visuals. They have a decent set of professional templates with good customization features. Snappa lets you upload images easily with easy saving and organizing options. In terms of social media compatibility, too, Snappa is not behind with some solid features to add to their advantage.


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