Gaming has always been an amazing way to relax and chill for people all over the world. When it comes to games, a lot of people depend on PC games, mobile games or console games. In this blog, we are going to cover the best websites to download pc games in 2020. So sit back while we present our best picks!

1. Steam

This website has been developed by Valve corporation and has been in there since the part thirteen years. It is considered one of the largest digital distributors of games globally. Steam is available in 28 languages and has over a thousand games ranging from arcade games to action games. The games in the steam website allows for both single player as well as multiplayer. If you are relaxed and just want to play with friends locally, that is possible too with Steam. 

Steam is available on a wide range of platforms which includes Windows, Linux and Mac. This allows users with various operating systems to try out Steam. The only downside to Steam is that few games are extremely pricey and the ones that are free lack variety in terms of gameplay which could in the long run affect how long players stick with the website.

2. Ocean of Games

This website is developed by a British company Ocean software. The website has a large variety of games in different genres which includes action, arcade, survival, fantasy games and so on. There is a really good networking community where players from across the globe can connect with each and other and also chat during gameplay. Ocean of Games allows both modes of gameplay: Single as well as multiplayer.

Players are able to challenge bots, friends or other strangers online which enhances the gameplay experience. The website also provides amazing game streaming features along with compatibility on various platforms such as Windows, Linux and Mac. Sometimes games are not updated frequently and the website is not very well protected making them prone to scams.

3. Origin

If you are a regular gamer, you would have probably heard of Origin. It is a digital distribution softwae that promotes online gaming. Origin is operated by EA and the games can be downloaded on PC as well as for mobile. Origin provides its users with a lot of  features like profile management, networking with players online by chatting and video streaming via TwitchTV. You also can share your game library on social media platforms and networking sites which is an added bonus.

Along with providing great titles for PC as well as for mobile, they do have a good game streaming setup as well. Since Origin is also developed by EA, the security is pretty robust and the website can be trusted. The “on the house specials” feature allows gamers to try out paid games for free. This feature is missing on a lot of websites and that makes Origin stand out when it comes to convenience. All in all Origin too deserves a spot in our list of best websites to download PC games.


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