Best iPhone apps of 2021
Best iPhone apps of 2021

Apple app store provides thousands of apps to choose from, and subsequently, it makes choosing an app difficult. From its origin, in 2008 the App Store has been in traction and now embodies millions of apps.

Whether you’re a seasoned iPhone user or have recently left Android for iOS, finding the perfect app for things like sending emails, checking the weather, taking notes, or playing a relaxing game is no easy task. You have many options, and since the App Store shows ads in some search results, but it’s harder to know which apps are the best.

Fortunately, to help you we have created this definitive guide to the best iPhone applications. You won’t be disappointed if you listen to us and download one of these. We made it is easy to digest, so don’t worry.

The Must have 10 iPhone Apps

Our Top Picks
To clarify – Apple’s App Store has several hidden gems that are brilliantly designed and have the potential to provide you with the best services. We’ll save you the hassle of browsing and scrolling through millions of App Store apps, and we’ve listed some of the most underrated apps on the iOS Store that will secure a place on your iPhone device as your go-to tools.

You can’t afford to miss the top apps:

01. 1Password

1-password - Best iPhone apps of 2021
1-password – Best iPhone apps of 2021

It is one of the best iOS apps that acts as a password reminder. It keeps all of your passwords safe and protects them with a single password – the only password you need to remember. Input password and access the others. 1Password works internally and converts all of your passwords with a password generator to make it stronger. Hence, making it less vulnerable to hackers.

You can set passwords by creating strong, unique, and memorable passphrases for your online accounts. Moreover, this iPhone application allows you to access password information on your smart devices and computers.

Users can organize everything with dozens of categories such as credit cards, logins, addresses, bank accounts, addresses, driver’s licenses, passports, and much more. Organize all of your information with favorites and tags.

You are at liberty to add custom fields to store additional information such as URLs and security questions. Users can also use Spotlight to find the information they need. The application works with end-to-end encryption.

Adding to its security, it also provides the most secure option of Face Unlock and two-factor authentication for advanced protection.

1Password is one of the best apps for iPhone sessions that helps securely share documents and passwords with teammates and family members.

02. Kik

Kik - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Kik – Best iPhone apps of 2021

Many messaging apps require you to give your phone number to the people you chat with, but Kik only requires a username. With a bot store with over 6,000 bots, Kik has beaten Facebook Messenger and Skype in the field of artificial interlocutors.

The app offers Group chat, photo and video sharing, and games to add to the appeal of this youth-oriented app.

03. Halide Mark II Pro

Halide Mark II Pro - Pro Camera - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Halide Mark II Pro – Pro Camera – Best iPhone apps of 2021

Camera the Halide Mark II Pro camera is no fun. It’s thoughtfully priced at $ 11.99 / £ 11.99 / AU $ 19.49 per year or $ 39.99 / £ 38.99 / AU $ 62.99 “forever,” but it’s a serious camera that’s designed to get the most out of your iPhone.

The app’s design doesn’t bombard newbies with options, but it gives you powerful features at your fingertips, with gestures that mimic actions you’d do with real cameras. Manual focus lets you control spikes, and similar tools ensure you never get a duff shot.

Best of all, the app can intelligently and optionally combine Apple processing with the needs of professional photographers, making RAW accessible and instantly available.

04. Mela

Mela - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Mela – Best iPhone apps of 2021

It’s not just any recipe app, it works on combining all the sources, tracking, and interface intelligence into one delicious package. So while you can use a built-in browser to search for recipes and then add them to Mela with a tap of your finger, you are encouraged to subscribe to feeds from your favorite websites. So you don’t miss out on a new recipe from your favorite source.

When you add a dish, it’s on the Recipes tab and can be edited, shared, and exported. There is no fully baked label system, but recipes can be added to a Will to Cook list or custom categories.

A grocery list is also built into reminders that can be completed with any recipe with a single tap. With a delicious user interface, Mela is the tastiest premium recipe app for iPhone.

05. Apollo

Apollo - Best iPhone apps of 2021 (updated)
Apollo – Best iPhone apps of 2021 (updated)

The problem of light sources has always been a significant issue in mobile photography. This application allows you to add light sources to photos in portrait mode. This type of photo records depth information and can be taken on any relatively new iPhone. You can add studio lighting in Apple’s Photos app, but Apollo goes further.

The surface is usable and offers space for creativity. It’s easy to add multiple lights and then define spacing, color, glow, diffusion, and masking effects for each light to simulate effects such as shadows cast by light falling through a blind.

Apollo perhaps isn`t an application for an instant fix. If you want to delve into details and fine-tune your settings – this is going to be your go-to app once you start using it.

06. Oilist

Oilist - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Oilist – Best iPhone apps of 2021

It is an intergenerational art app. You feed it some photos, choose a style, and it starts to work by constantly redrawing your image. It’s like someone has caught a little Van Gogh on your iPhone.

Although the app can be left alone on a dock, you can capture still images for posterity or play with them to redirect the virtual artist.

Whether you’re interacting or just sitting and watching, Oilist is fascinating – a picturesque lava lamp of sorts.

07. Moleskine – Flow

Moleskine Flow - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Moleskine Flow – Best iPhone apps of 2021

Gone are the days when notes making was limited to physical diaries and notebooks. Moleskine is an impressive drawing and note-taking app that lives up to the roots of Moleskine’s notebooks. Flow is ideal for the larger screen of the iPad, but you will also find a stable version for iPhone.

It can draw or take notes on an infinitely vast canvas that allows you to customize everything from your writing tools (virtual pens, pencils, and markers of various colors and sizes) to paper (from traditional Moleskine ivory paper to black and white). Additions in the updated Flow 2 include real-time collaboration, portrait documents (great for the iPhone screen), and a pencil case feature that places your drawing tools on your iPhone while using your iPad’s entire screen as a canvas.

08. Spark Mail

Spark Email - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Spark Email – Best iPhone apps of 2021

You can develop an urge for this app because of its sleek interface and email organization. Spark organizes the mails into logical categories like personal, newsletters, and notifications, though you can switch to a more standard full inbox view if you want.

It manages multiple accounts but does not combine categories for them like Outlook. The application is configurable, with customizable swipe actions. Plus, you can pin important stuff and snooze emails to work on later.


IFTTT - Best iPhone apps of 2021
IFTTT – Best iPhone apps of 2021

This applet is becoming one of the best applications for iOS. The design focuses to connect more than 600 applications such as Twitch, Google Drive, Twitter, Telegram, Weather Underground, Instagram, and more devices like Amazon Alexa Google Home of your iPhone device.

Download this favorite iPhone application or program to help users integrate with third-party applications and their functions.

IFTTT is often admired as one of the best free apps for iOS. As of its ability to let you control everything with voice. It keeps you informed about trending stuff from famous publications.

10. Chegg eReader

Chegg - Best iPhone apps of 2021
Chegg – Best iPhone apps of 2021

All college students are familiar with handing over several hundred dollar bills and transporting many pounds of textbooks from the campus store.

Chegg’s goal is to alleviate some of the pain from this process. You can use the application to rent, buy or sell books. The company also offers study apps.


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