Top 10 Free Blog Building Websites
Top 10 Free Blog Building Websites

So you are looking at options to start your blog. You are on the right path because blogs can be vital to your business growth. It serves as an introduction to your business – firstly, to search engines. Secondly, to the general public and your potential customers/audience. However, it doesn’t matter if you share personal feelings or use the blog as a hotspot for your business. All you need – a fantastic blogging platform that caters to your needs. Following subsequently the topic, We’ve curated a list that contains the best blog-building websites.

We understand you are not from the tech department and have this question, how can I run a website? Read along, and we will solve all your queries.

“Blogs can be the cause of resurrection of a dying business.”

In the current scenario, it’s easy to have a personal blog with professional features. We will guide you through various platforms and list all the offerings they have for you.

Best blogging websites you can consider in 2021

01. - Easily create your amazing website – Easily create your amazing website

You are starting a blog and need complete control over it – WordPress should be the first choice. WordPress hands you complete control of the blogging website. You have the freedom, from theme to widgets to customization.

WordPress needs no introduction. You and everybody have heard about it or seen the advertisement on YouTube. WordPress is the first choice for website or blog building.

It gives you the free hosting option, but you will have to rebuild the website by yourself by opting for the free option.

So, it would be ideal to opt for a savings plan for the long-term benefits. In short – a moderate amount will be required for website hosting. It won’t hurt your pocket but can bring significant benefits. WordPress is the top website to create blogs.

If you do not wish to purchase the plans of WordPress, you can opt for Bluehost. It is a cheap website hosting service and offers the most satisfactory services in the section. Subsequently, the basic plan starts at $2.75 per month. You sign up for three years, and if you wish you can be upgraded anytime.

Another aspect of WordPress, It is generally used as a personal blog website. It’s easy to set up and provides free website hosting, but you cannot monetize your site on this end of WordPress.

If your motive is – Grow the business and monetize the website at some point, consider purchasing a plan. It is not a significant investment, considering the growth.

Bluehost has a 30 Day money-back guarantee – if you change your mind or disapprove of the website hosting.

02. LinkedIn

LinkedIn for professional community
LinkedIn for professional community

This can be surprising to you. Honestly, we were surprised, too, when we came across this while doing the research. LinkedIn is the first choice of many people – who are considering a free blogging platform.

Linked is the professional home. Moreover, people call it “old testament” and “not working anymore,” but the audience and reach – still exist. It’s entirely professional there.

LinkedIn is the best blogging website platform for business professionals who have a pre-existing audience.

The main reason for considering LinkedIn is that there is a pre-existing audience and easy-to-use tools you can utilize in building your blogging website.

LinkedIn users are the most focused base in comparison to any other platform. An approximate of more than 30 million businesses are active on LinkedIn – that is enough professional exposure.

The platform is mainly used for lead generation and client sources.

You can get exposure and have a professional audience – It can work out. Now you know Why LinkedIn is used as a blogging platform?

03. Wix

Wix - The leader in website creation
Wix – The leader in website creation

So you had the question- being from non-tech and hosting a website? This is the best blog-building website for these genre users. You can have your blogging website with desired functionality on WIX. It can host your store and blog up and running very fast.

It is a free website, and they offer all the features of the front end. Designs on this platform are instinctive, and you can easily choose between beginners and advanced. The handling will be your part, and creating the blogging website theirs. The back-end is taken care of, WIX guys will handle everything.

WIX can be a heaven for you and has the potential to become the best blogging platform. WIX provides free hosting; you don’t need to worry about that on WIX.

To launch a blog on WIX, you need to Sign Up and decide whether you want to create it yourself or let the WIX ADI create it. Wix ADI will give you a questionnaire and ask your preferences and motives. If you select the first option and wish to build it yourself.

You need to go through the templates, select your pages, and customize everything on the front end. You have your website ready.

04. Blogger

Blogger - Publish your passion, your way!
Blogger – Publish your passion, your way!

It is the place for a writer who wishes only to write and does not want the fuss around. Certainly, it is named as a writers-only platform

Previously, whenever a user thought of creating a personal blog, Blogger was the platform that came to mind first. It works similarly to the other Best Blogging Platforms, but it reduces the fuss for you.

You need to Sign Up and start writing. Moreover, it has a Google+ lookalike interface and gives you a blank word doc feels to sort the things in the writing process. Once Blogger was ahead of WordPress and was the best blog hosting platform.

Blogger is the old tree in the blogging website hosting section. The platform has grown old, and its popularity has dipped in recent years.

It is not the place to look for fancy stuff, and there are basic themes and color stuff to choose from. Minimalistic gadgets and design customization give Blogger a simple appearance.

05. Weebly

Weebly - Powerful website builder
Weebly – Powerful website builder

Called out as an alternative to the WIX platform due to its similar set of design features. Weebly is another one among the best site to build a blog. You can start your blog, sell products and showcase your achievements and portfolio.

The similarity between WIX and Weebly lies in the customization segment. Website customization on Weebly is of drag and drop mode of page customization.

Weebly provides multimedia elements, sidebars, media boxes, ad spaces, and social media icons.

You can opt for a free plan on Weebly and get 500MB storage, ad space, and subdomain. If your business scales higher than that, you can upgrade anytime.

06. Medium

Medium - a place to write, read, and connect
Medium – a place to write, read, and connect

Top websites to create a blog are generally multipurpose, but are they customized for writing?

Medium is a multipurpose platform, with an audience having the motive of only reading. Anyone can set up the website and start writing.

Medium offers you extensive exposure to a wider audience. Approximately 60 million users visit Medium every month, and their sole purpose – ‘Read.’

It is not at all complicated but comes with a downside.

In Contrast to WordPress and WIX, where the content is exposed, but on Medium, your content stays here. The only negative aspect – it will not let you build your own space.

07. Ghost

Ghost - Turn your audience into a business!
Ghost – Turn your audience into a business!

Other platforms offer themes and templates, but a modern touch is missing in the process.

It gives your blog a modern aspect and the technicality you were searching for. On the contrary, Ghost is nothing like its name, it is similar to WordPress.

You can download Ghost for free and get website hosting free. Bluehost can again save you. OR you can opt for DigitalOcean – it is cheap and gives you excellent features to start with.

08. Tumblr

Tumblr - Easy to use that it's hard to explain
Tumblr – Easy to use that it’s hard to explain

It is a different form of blogging platform. Above all, Tumblr is idealized as a micro-blogging platform. Certainly, it has all the blog features with the required tools.

Tumblr is among the OG free blogging platforms. It gives you a free domain to start from. In short – the setup is easy, and you can get going, very soon.

Not far from the other blogging platforms, it provides you many types of content formats. It is not a business website, but you can still have affiliate links and integrate your blog.

09. - Everything to sell anything! – Everything to sell anything!

It is another drag-and-drop form of a blogging website developer. It’s a practical option if you are a small business owner and need an all-in-one solution. Your conceptual idea can become practicality active using SquareSpace Features.

Likewise, Squarespace has all the features required to solve website hosting problems and e-commerce possibilities. You can start based on your preference – a business website or a blog. Check on the options and start building the website.

Most importantly, Squarespace provides SSL certification to the blog as a security feature.

Squarespace offers a free trial to test the platform and be sure. Just in case you change your mind or do not like the platform. So it would be best, and you need not worry about the pricing.


TypePad - Share your passions with the world!
TypePad – Share your passions with the world!

Last, in the list – Typepad, launched in 2003. It offers a user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support to help in the process.

Subsequently, many of the successful blogs are running on for a long time.

Its success can be listed in few steps. Firstly, it has various tools and features to captivate the reader’s attention. Secondly, the simpler features and tools made the most viewed blogs stay here for a long time. Moreover, The website hosting is sorted, you don’t need to worry about the technicalities.

Meanwhile, about Pricing – you can opt for a free blogging plan or choose from the three paid offering different services.


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